I have been dreaming about my beloved a lot lately. Every night is some new adventure we are on. Last night it was strange. There was a boy we know who didn’t want to go home.

We tried everything. I put his coat on and told him to please go. When I turned around he snuck back to the basement. I yelled at him “It’s time to go home, you can’t stay here!”

I put him on the front porch, so he could wait for his mother, and somehow he ended up in our closet.

I cried because I could see my beloved becoming upset with me. Like it was my fault the little boy wouldn’t go home. This boy was so sad though. He didn’t want to go home. He wanted to stay with us.

What does it all mean? Was this Xavier visiting me? Was this some message? Was the boy representing my desire to have another baby? Was the boy representing me? I dunno…or maybe…it was just a dream.

D jr’s very first family portrait almost 14 years ago



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