My last appointment with my new Doctors has me trying to reduce my blood pressure. Since the pre-eclampsia, I have had slightly elevated blood pressure.  This is not something I had a problem with before Xavier.

I have found something online called the Dash Diet that promises lowered BP in 14 days, with the side benefit of loosing weight.  I like to think of myself as on the portly side of chubby, so this should be good. I have spent the last week caffeine free and I have been taking my ferrous gluconate (for my hemoglobin)and post natal vitamins every night.

I have no control over my stress levels, but I am hoping for a reduction in that area come Friday night.  The lead up is causing me sever stress but I think I should be able to keep my shit together for the next 2 days and not stroke out 😦

All of this because I’d like to stay alive for my kids, and to make my body a healthier place for any future babies. So starting Sunday (I already made plans on Saturday with my cousin for home made pirogies and schnitzel, and who knows what else yummy-not-good-for-blood-pressure treats), I am going to give this DASH diet a test drive, with hopes of getting my BP under control once and for all!

I have also heard adding potassium will lower my BP. So while adding a bunch of fruits and vegetables are part of the DASH, I will be adding at least one banana as part of my fruit intake.

I will also be dragging my beloved along with me on this ride, as I fear for his BP as well.

Wish me (us)  luck 🙂




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