A dream

A BLM blogger that I read made a post about a dream she had, which reminded me of a dream I had!

It was lovely really and yet sounds macabre all at the same time.

Myself, D and all of our families were in the hospitals prayer room (church), it was Easter so we were having a mass. A nurse came in with a stillborn baby.  She wanted the priest to bless him. I looked at the dead baby, and thought how sad, my baby is dead too.

I looked over and there was Xavier with the priest, he had Xavier and was praying over his dead body. Xavier opened his mouth and took a deep breath and began crying. I immediately ran over and picked him up and cried.

I kept saying “He’s alive, he’s alive, how can this be?” I kissed him and cuddled him and took him out into the hospital to get a second opinion.

When he was being checked over by the nurses and doctors I kept saying it’s not right, he’s been dead for too long. Xavier smiled and giggled at me.  I caressed his chubby arms, kissed his face and clung to him.

It was wonderful, I got to hold him in my arms. What a wonderful gift.

I think this was my visit from him. Only one thing remains really strange, this dream of him, and one I had just after Christmas, both times….he was a girl.

Our sweet boy, only a dream away.


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