Why me? Why us? I am so very angry right now…so very achy and angry like breaking dishes or punching something kind of angry.

She didn’t even want any more kids. She said that when I joked back in October that she might be pregnant, and oh, I told her, her boobs looked bigger in December, are you sure you’re not pregnant? Oh no she said, I’d kill myself if I was pregnant again…well she’s now due in July. What. The. Fuck.

Seriously Universe…what the fuck. How much am I supposed to take. HOW MUCH????? And the topper???? D told me at dinner, cool as a fucking cucumber. I felt like I went into some sort of catatonic state, and after our last fight I didn’t even know what to say, or even where to point my eye balls.

Then as it dawned on him perhaps his news upset me he asks me if it’s ok if he tries to comfort me. COMFORT ME??? Are you out of your fucking mind??? How bout you just get me pregnant??? He doesn’t want that right now…he doesn’t want me to even talk about it, and THIS, this right here is why women throw them selves of bridges.

She’s pregnant and can you comfort me?? OMFG…I give up…I give the fuck up.

*incase my unintelligable rant has you some what confused. The woman is a “friend” her DH told my DH who told me.


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