Happy Easter

Happy Easter little man.

Just thinking about how today could have been if things hadn’t have taken such a miserable turn.

I would want bunny pajamas for you, and Daddy would try and feed you chocolate (if he hadn’t already tried).

The boys would have “helped” you find your chocolates, and showed you all the regular hiding spots.

While they no longer believe in the “Easter Bunny” they would have have been so eager to keep the magic alive for you.

You are missed and loved. Today feels emptier than it should. I remember this time last year, while you were still in my womb, and no longer a secret to our family.

Spring brought the feeling of re-birth, and the thought that today we would have a little butterball of a baby and a feeling of completion. A hole has been left in your place.

Missing you.



One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. I totally just wanted to comment on what you said on my blog about naming the baby “Harry Potter” because just today my husband and I were joking about that. I added an addendum to my post just to say how funny that was. Hope your Easter was a chocolately good time.

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