Mothers Day

Wow…I have been busy posting!

I wanted to share one more thing. Obviously yesterday was Mothers Day and my sons and my beloved both gave me Mothers Day cards.

I was hoping someone would recognize that I am also Xavier’s mom, but it came from an unexpected source. I received one of those cards that play music when you open it from my boys, and on the inside? Both my boys remembered to add Xavier’s name to the card. D jr. even went so far as to recognize the notion that Xavier was missing, and that I would be sad but not to be too sad as I still had them.

I cried some, and kissed them both.

I am thankful for the boys I have, even through their eye rolls, stinky soccer uniforms, messy rooms and their half assed attempts at doing the dishes.

Happy Mothers Day to you, whether your child is here on earth or lives on in your heart.


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