Future Baby

Dear Future Baby,

I have been thinking a lot about you and Xavier this last week, and your inter mingling fates. I am curious if you are together right now or if you will be the same soul. I worry about how to deal with a “rainbow” after a hurricane event such as Xavier’s life and death. Will you understand that while you weren’t the plan, you are so wanted?

I hope you never feel apart from our family because you are AX (after Xavier). You will be blessed to have bypassed that pain and grief. You get to be the start of something so happy, so beautiful and so desired.

Assuming you arrive here in our arms safe and sound there are a few things I wanted to let you know:

*You will be wanted. Desperately.
*You are not expected to replace any one.
*You are expected to be your own person.
*You are expected to arrive alive and live out a long life.
*You don’t have to miss Xavier like we do. We’ll understand why you don’t.
*Most importantly, you will be loved.

I am excited and impatient to meet you. If you are up in heaven, waiting to come and meet this family circus, give Xavier a hug and a kiss for us, and then hurry down.



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