Three Weeks Three Days

I am so very excited. I am counting down the days and weeks to TTC!

While the anxiety of pregnancy will be it’s own worry the trying to conceive holds it’s own set of concerns. Will I get pregnant, will it be difficult, if I don’t get pregnant right away how will I deal with that emotionally?

I know I can get pregnant. I know I am ovulating. I know…I know and yet I don’t know for sure and that is why I am freaking out…just a bit.

I wanted Xavier so damn badly, and he died…and now? Now I want a take home baby just as badly, even more so because he died. I am starting to sound like a broken record to even myself.

We are close!

In other news…that affects next years plans…my son M has been identified by a major English soccer team to go to their National camp next July! We are so proud of him, but will I be able to go? Will we have an infant? (PLEASE LET US HAVE AN INFANT). It was strange discussing it last night. The boys aren’t in the TTC loop so when we were talking about the trip, I said I wouldn’t be going, and they just assumed it was the cost, I (with fingers crossed) assumed I would have a newborn 🙂

So we begin anther chapter. All good TTC wishes and prayers are appreciated.

If my beloved is reading…this is for you:


One thought on “Three Weeks Three Days

  1. Sending good wishes and keeping my fingers crossed that it works the first month and you are pregnant. If not, I’m here for you. We tried since January for this one and it wasn’t easy.

    Love the message to your husband 🙂

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