I was just looking at my Fertility Friend calendar. I could know I’m pregnant by August 8. I started crying just thinking about it.

I ended up popping my own bubble though…what are the odds it happens the first month? Which brought me to think about this posts title. Am I prepared? Am I ready for it to take more cycles than my fragile emotions can bear?

If you tried(ing) to conceive your rainbow, how long did it take you, and how did you handle seeing your monthly gift every month?

I have also noticed I am resentful to my DH’s package of condoms in our closet. I told him there would be a burning ceremony in the backyard at the end of this month, which is probably not good for the environment and I’m not even sure they would even burn…but hot damn, I can’t wait to try! I was grocery shopping today and picked up some pads, and I’d like to burn those too… Sadly, I have one more period before I can start trying 😦

Tuesday is my first appointment with Dr. K. I assume it will be an intake and nothing more. I have my placenta pathology, Xavier’s coronors report and my medical records from my old OB.
I have yet to have a docotr read and explain these to me, and I am hoping he will be able to go over them.

Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Prepared?

  1. It took us like 5 or so cycles of ‘not trying but not avoiding’ and 3 or so cycles of ‘get your pants off, tonight’s the night!!!’ trying to get pregnant with Kaia. I ended up requesting an RE consult where I *suggested* that maybe my progesterone *might* be low since my luteal phase was only MAX 11 to 12 days long. We got pregnant on our first month using progesterone starting on day 3 after ovulation and I didn’t get my positive pregnancy test until 14 days after ovulation, so I’m pretty sure it was our ‘key’. But yeah, the trying while ‘fun’, also kind of sucked too. Sex for a purpose isn’t nearly as fun or cool as sex that doesn’t involve a purpose.
    Good luck with your appointment with Dr. K. I totally can’t wait to show him Kaia and say “thank you for giving us something to hope for”. Just so you know, there will be DOZENS of pregnant women in the waiting room…it was the 9th circle of hell going back to see him for Aidan’s autospy and placenta pathology reports. Just bring a good magazine or book and keep your head down, the wait can be a bit long.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how your appt. goes!!!
    We have been trying for many months… with one miscarriage plugged in there since Cullen’s birth. It is certainly a roller coaster each month, but I find that having a plan often helps with all of the emotions. Thinking of you….

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