Avert your eyes…TTC here

I have been debating on what I should blog about. How much should I share.  I am pretty sure no one I know IRL reads this, so I feel comfortable saying anything.

This is my space I guess, so I can share anything I want. So here goes. I want to write it all down for my own dissection and for others to help me on my journey (it takes a village right?). I hope I don’t offend or upset anyone. I wanted to try again the moment Xavier died and that’s not news to any one who reads this blog (if any one).

So here we go, Baby R take #4.

Today: CD6

O date: Looks like O will occur around August 1

Signs or Symptoms: None

BD’ing: Not today, saving that for CD 10,11 12, 13 &14 or failing that ambitious schedule, CD 11, 13 & 15

Test day: August 14 (or sooner as I have a POAS addiction while ttc)

Feeling: Skeptical it will happen first time out of the gates, but hopeful. Always hopeful.

Weight: Down 10lbs and 10lbs to go. Take that Dr. K…Weight loss out of spite is always my favourite.

Meds: Prenatals

Hold my hand dear friends. This is a new ball game for me and I will bet on my emotions running wildly while we shoot for our rainbow.





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