Confessional Friday:

#1– I bit the bullet and bought a year subscription to Fertility Friend…can you say SUCKER?? I joined a circle for BLM’s…found a few familiar blog faces there – so that was nice . Have a look at my chart here. All opinions are welcome!

#2– In my quest to lose the 20lbs Dr. K has requested, I have become a food nazi…I need to eat because I want to get pregnant and good nutrition is key, but there have been NO extras…at all. Yesterday I took M to see Harry Potter and brought (smuggled in) my own Smartpop pop corn…this is how serious I am right now about those 20lbs…so what does all this have to do with a confession? I had 2 bites of M’s eggs Benedict today…damn you hollandaise sauce, who told you to be so god damn delicious :s The sad thing about Eggs Benny is that everything else is fairly low in fat, ham, poached eggs and an english muffin…seems innocuous, but the sauce…OH THE SAUCE!

#3– Hold your breath friends, for this is my biggest confession so far…I don’t believe my son is an angel.  There I said it. Don’t hate me. I believe people are people and angels are angels. Telling me he is an angel watching over us does not make his death any more acceptable.

To all my fellow Ontarians…Happy Civic Holiday! I shall be trying to make a baby this weekend…I might not be up for air until Tuesday or so…was that TMI??


9 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Thank you for sharing #3! When I read that I breathed a sigh of relief that I am not the only one. I honestly am not even sure why it is that I dislike the thought of him being an “angel” or him being called an “angel baby.” I just don’t like it. He is my boy. My son. My baby. He died. But that didn’t make him any less my baby.

  2. Not TMI at all!

    #1 – I never joined Fertility Friend, but I did use it a little. A friend joined it and loved it.

    #2 – As for food, I never have more self-control than when I am eating to get pregnant. I thought I would have just as much self-control once I got pregnant, but that hasn’t happened.

    #3 – The whole angel thing….I don’t really see Jacob as an angel either and even if I did, it doesn’t make his death acceptable. I guess I just use the term when referring to babies who are not physically here.

    Good luck this weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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