Memory Boxes

So I have decided to put together some memory boxes for the newly bereaved for Xavier’s first birthday. I will be making up only four boxes because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. They will be donated in his memory to the hospital I was to deliver at and the hospital I did deliver at. Two each. I am saddened to know that someone will get them, and yet pleased that Xavier will be recognized and that I will be helping someone who has just lost their baby.


Any other suggestions would be welcome…I was thinking about a disposable camera?
Thoughts??? Other ideas???
Let me know.
I feel like I need to feel busy right now, we are getting closer to his birthday and it is making me feel anxious and scared that I won’t be strong enough to get there and through it. God help me…it’s going to be a year since I held him, and yet here I am walking around like a regular person, with a regular normal life. FML…

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