We can’t go back only through

In a conversation with my mom she said that “We can’t go back only through.”

She is very smart.

Exactly one year ago today, my family threw me a baby shower. I requested fruit punch to drink and ranch dressing for the cut veggies.

My beloved took the two older monkies out for the afternoon with my father-in-law.

My sister bought blue plastic cutlery and cups.

I still have the plastic stork from the top of the cake. It’s in the bottom of the treat basket.

Exactly seven days later he was born. I can’t go back…only through.


2 thoughts on “We can’t go back only through

  1. Only through… How true is that? I’m so sorry you’re nearly at the one year mark since sweet Xavier’s birth. it’s so bard to believe it’s been nearly a year for me, too. It’s both a saving grace and an insult this year has passed so quickly… And without our babies…

    Lots of love to you momma, as Xavier’s birthday approaches

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