A quick story

On Sunday, my eldest son D.jr (who is 14 going on 30 apparently) approached me in the kitchen. He said “Mom, you are terrible at hiding things. I know.”

I felt cold chill go down my back, and I needed immediately to clear up his misconception. You see, I keep all my OPK’s and hpt’s in an empty box under the sink in the main bathroom. I like to piac rather than poas. I am also a collector of said sticks to analyze later 😉 (hey ladies…I am just being honest)

I knew right away he found my positive OPK’s.

Oh. Dear. God.

I had to explain it wasn’t a positive hpt and quickly…he was so happy, smiling ear to ear.

“But I saw the second line mom!!”

How to have the OPK vs. HPT conversation is not something I thought I would EVER have to have with my 14 year old son.

He was crushed (even more than I was when I started spotting this morning.)
I asked if he was excited when he thought I was pregnant. He shook his head yes.

Devastated. And then….

I read Angela’s post from Mary-Ann over at Little Bird, and my goodness. It was what I needed to hear.

Thank you Mary-Ann. Your words inspired me.

Check it out.



3 thoughts on “A quick story

  1. I also prefer to piac rather than poas. I just feel like I can guarantee that the stick gets the adequate amount of pee, not too much and not too little, if I piac. And I keep the tests too and check on them many times on the day that I’ve used it.

    So hard to tell him what it really was. I’m sorry.

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