A sisters eulogy

I was reading the Eulogy written by Steve Job’s sister.

There was one thing that stood out to me, one little sentence.

“We all -in the end – die in medias res. In the middle of a story. Of many stories.”

I am not sure what has resonated so much for me in that statement, maybe it’s because I so desperately feel like Xavier got short changed in what his life story should have been. This beautiful baby of ours, and everyone was holding their breath, waiting for him to arrive and then waiting for him to get better and then sadly, waiting for him to die.

He died in the middle of so many stories, untold, unfinished and yet unimagined. Except I tell them to myself. I see him toddling, I see him running, I see him fighting with his older brothers, all in my heart. Fantasies,



One thought on “A sisters eulogy

  1. I have been so bad at commenting. I’m sorry. I’m finally starting to get caught up.

    That quote resonates with me too.

    I love that you tell Xavier’s stories to yourself. Such a good way of describing it. We do the same with Jacob’s should-have-been stories.

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