CD 3 and a trip to the clinic

Well, rolling right along on this (in)fertility journey, I was at the clinic for the first of many ultrasounds to come.

I was quite impressed with the set up, I arrived (with my bladder at a breaking point) had 12 (YEP) vials of blood taken, and then off to ultrasound. They saw me on time and did a regular scan and then a transvaginal which was unexpected. She was really thorough. D was asked to stay in the waiting area and when I came out he asked how it went and couldn’t help but it, but I told him I think they found my g-spot…he raised an eye brow and started laughing. I explained what the Trans Vag “wand” was, where it goes and how they rotate that sucker around to get just the right view…I know, I’m terrible right?

*Laura, if you are reading this…can’t you just picture his face?? It was priceless!*

Anyways, I thought they were looking at the fibroid, turns out they were looking at my eggs. Eggs are good for CD3 as is the lining. The fibroid will be assessed on Monday through Saline Sonohysterogram. I have read up a bit on this proceedure and to be honest…I am confused about the Saline portion of this test. Where does the saline go after? Should I bring some pads with me? Do they vacuum it out after? Does my body absorb it? I am going into my fertile period will it cause a problem? These are all questions I should have asked…but didn’t. Pooh.

So I have revised the calendar Fertility Friend gave me to reflect how things will be going this month what with the cycle monitoring and various other testing.

Have a look:

And does anyone else see what I see???What day is AF due to arrive this month?? Oooooohhh!! It’s a Christmas miracle! I swear I have not become cynical.

Bah humbug…


4 thoughts on “CD 3 and a trip to the clinic

  1. Hi,

    I know lots about the sonohysterogram. I’ve also had the hysterosalpingogram, which is basically the same thing except with an xray.

    Ok, so you should bring a pad with you as the saline will leak out of you. You may even feel it leaking soon after they put it in. The good thing about the sono is that pregnancy rates increase a little after it because it opens up your tubes (my OB said that it will flush out any mucous that may have accumulated in them). It hurts a little as they flush the saline through, but you’ve been through far worse pain. I believe I took some tylenol before the test, as directed to by the clinc. If you have any more questions about it, let me know.

    I’m glad that your follicles and lining are measuring right on schedule. When I was doing cycle monitoring I lived by how much they had both grown from day-to-day.

    I like the Fertility Friend Calendar, particularly the pictures of the crossed fingers.

    Hoping you get the best Christmas present on Christmas morning.

  2. I got my BFP last December 24th after thinking I was ‘out’. Let’s hope it’s your turn this year! And yes, wear a pad after the saline sono. I went before work and it honestly wasn’t that bad. I had a bit of ‘leakage’ and a bit of cramping but no worse than a period. Just take some Tylenol and you’ll be fine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this is your month!

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