Monday was my saline Sono. Thanks for your comments on what to expect. I took two Advil and wasn’t too uncomfortable.

So first the good news, the fibroid is in a “void” on the outside of my uterus! Fabulous right? Then the tech proceeds to tell me “Oh and you have a mature follicle on your left ovary.” WHAT? I am only CD7. That is where this months cycle monitoring turns goes a bit south 😦

They asked me to go directly over and have a blood draw, and book an appointment for this morning to begin cycle monitoring right away rather than Thursday. To be honest I got a little excited…this could be why we weren’t successful these last 6 cycles, because our timing was off, only yesterday, when I got home I took an OPK and it was negative. Strange right? I went back this morning and had another ultrasound and blood draw. The follicle had grown 0.1mm and was now 2.0 cm from 1.9 cm …only my blood draw does not confirm an LH surge.

So what does it all mean? I’ll find out tomorrow, but I’ll tell you what I think. I think it’s a cyst. There is no way the follicle could produce a viable egg at this point. I normally O at cd13/14 with a +opk on CD 12. What I want to know is even with this cyst (assuming it is a cyst) will I still be able to ovulate? I will be asking the tech tomorrow to look for another dominant follicle.

Any thoughts ladies…I am getting myself into a tizzy here thinking I am down another FUCKING month before it even started…I feel so damn heart broken.



One thought on “WTF?

  1. Can you get a Dr. to look at the follie/cyst? He/she should be able to tell for certain which one it is.
    I can say that in one of my IUI cycles I had a huge cyst on cd 3 that was aspirated and we proceeded with the cycle.

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