CD 10

6th Cycle trying, 1st at fertility clinic.

CD 10 today. It should have been my first day of cycle monitoring, but it’s my third because of the mature follicle found on CD7 at my Saline sono monday, and it will continue into Sunday if I don’t show signs of laying this egg.

My arm is beginning to look like a heroin addicts because of the daily blood work. I am beginning to feel like I should add my ultrasound tech on Facebook I have seen her so often. I kinda feel bad for her though….she is elbow deep in vagina all day long, and I would lay money that at least 1 in 10 aren’t that concerned about personal hygiene.

I am in the waiting room right now, waiting to see the doctor for my daily follicle check…her assessment yesterday was WOW, it’s grown .3mm over night, I want to see how big this thing gets! Is this a bizarre reaction? I dunno any more, I think my judgment is clouded by my distrust of doctors in general.

On another note, when you arrive, you have to have a blood draw and sign in with your name, cycle day and time. The name before mine was

Maria – pregnant 10:00.

I get that’s why we are all here, and I don’t know Maria’s story, but it stung a bit (more than a bit). I can only imagine the joy she got from writing that next to her name. So today, rather than feel bitter. I’d like to congratulate the unknown Maria. Cheers girl, a happy and healthy nine months.


In case you are waiting with baited breath…the egg is about to land. The clinic called and said my blood work supported ovulation (LH surge) and my follicle is 2.5cm

I’ll be having baby making sex this weekend…and I don’t care WHO knows it.

Also, had my eyebrows waxed on my lunch break (bad idea #1) at a new salon (bad idea #2) and now have a terrible rash under my eyebrows making me look ridiculous.

How am I supposed to seduce DH with this mug??? Well, I guess it’s a good thing I have big boobs 😉


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