I had my first appointment back at the fertility clinic and received an HCG trigger. I am baffled why she oredered it. I was due to ovulate on my own by Thursday.

Whatever….I paid my $85 and got the trigger. I figure anything different from what we’ve been doing has to be an improvement.

I don’t get too many explanations because the doctors rotate through and after the ultrasound, generally all they are telling you is how your blood work went and how big your follicle is.

If you have any thoughts as to why I was triggered on an unmedicated cycle when I was due to ovulate on my own anyways…I’d appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Trigger?

  1. That is a very good question. I wonder if they had some reason to believe, based on your bloodwork, that perhaps you wouldn’t release the egg on your own, or that if you waited it would be past the optimal size for fertilization?

  2. Did she definitely understand that you were un-medicated? Hmm.. I got nothing on that one. In the end at least it will guarantee that you drop the egg. Either way.. fx for you!

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