Beta #2

I had the second beta done. The nurse said it was a little low and to come in on Saturday for a third…what the hell does that mean, it’s a little low???

I never should have agreed to betas…it’s freaking me out.

First Beta 13dpo Tuesday- 38.5
Second Beta 15dpo Thursday- 90
Third Beta 17dpo Saturday-

Everything I’ve read says this is normal…so why did the nurse think it seems low??? Grrrr
like I am not panicking enough already.


6 thoughts on “Beta #2

  1. That is so stressful. It more than doubled so I don’t know what that comment means. Darn! Keeping my fingers crossed. But is almost tripled so there is that.

  2. WTF is her problem? It’s supposed to double in 48 hours.. which it DID.. try not to stress mamma.. I know it’s easier said than done. And PS- for what it’s worth you know my stand on beta’s.. more stress than good.

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