Ultrasound #3

Yesterday was my third ultrasound. If I haven’t given myself enough to worry about, I am now worrying that too many ultrasounds will be bad for Mr. Bean, but I digress.

I was running late for the appointment and couldn’t stick around for all the fun stats from the OB nurse so I called in today and asked for the results otherwise I would have had to wait until March 6…and that wasn’t going to happen. I called the praying nurse and she was able to give me his heart rate of 171 and that he was measuring 8w5d which is now only one day behind.

Nurse J said she would be sending all my paperwork over to Dr.K my high risk OB out of Mount Sinai. It’s funny because two weeks ago I felt like time was creeping past and now it is flying.

It’s hard to believe that I was actually looking for maternity dresses for my cousins wedding in May. We took a trip to Buffalo to check out some stores (along with Cherry Coke and Olive Garden) that aren’t available in Canada.

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short- Sleeve Knit Dress - Green/Blue

I found this little number for the ceremony

And this one for the reception.

What amazed me the most is that I actually did it. I was walking into stores and asking them where their maternity wear was! It was bold and slightly brazen. How DARE I right??? I even went into Baby Gap and looked at infant clothes. Because the plan is to deliver the baby at 36 weeks, I am sure I am going to need some pajama’s for a smaller baby. Djr. was 7lbs13 (40w), M was 8lbs even (40+6) and Xavier was 7lbs5 ( 37+4). I have good sized babies for sure, but I still think I am going to need some TINY sleepers for the first two weeks or so. It just feels weird to be thinking ahead and planning. It feels like I am getting ahead of myself, ahead of  a live baby. When I look down the road I see my pregnant self shlepping through another summer, but I can’t see beyond that. I can’t picture anything after August. However, I am hopeful this will come.


3 thoughts on “Ultrasound #3

  1. I am hopeful it will come for you too, and for me. I have trouble seeing very far into the future still and don’t know how far along I’ll be on certain dates. I just know my anatomy scan will be sometime in early April. I also have a wedding to go to when I will hopefully be big so I’ll need to buy a dress or two to wear. I’ve heard the choice of maternity clothes is much better in the US so we’re planning to go to Buffalo too. I love the dresses you found.

    And yay for a great heartrate and only 1 day behind!

  2. Good on you to pre-buy your dresses. It’s so hard to be brave, but I think it’s cool that you did it! Glad baby is measuring closer to date, too. Great news!

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