I was reading Dana over at Butterflies and Rainbows and was amazed that she is already 15 weeks!! Holy smokes time seems to be flying…for her anyways. I feel like time has stood still here. It feels like everyone else is whizzing past me and I am at a stand still.  Every day feels like two and weekly milestones feel like they took for.ever to get here.

I am feeling fine physically. I still can’t get Mr. Bean on the doppler and so I’ve been dealing with the anxiety of not knowing what’s going on in there. I am still attached to the fertility clinic until my last appointment with Dr.E next week so it’s not like I can call in for an anxiety ultrasound. No joke, I found a portable ultrasound machine for sale on Ebay for $2000. Tempting…very very tempting :p

My blood pressure has stabilized, my stress eating has reduced (thank GOD) and I am just counting moments and minutes until this baby can kick me and let me know he’s alright in there…


Having written this earlier in the day, I received a call from the fertility clinic with my appointment to the high risk OB from Mount Sinai. I see Dr. K bright and early at 8:00 am    March 20. I am a little concerned because I still have not had my IPS screening booked and by March 20th I’ll be 13 weeks. I can only assume I’ll have the testing done at the fertility clinic?

I’ll see what Dr. E says next week. Onwards and upwards.


3 thoughts on “10w0d

  1. Any day now you will be able to hear your baby on the doppler, and from then on, you will hear that heartbeat every day. You don’t need to buy an ultrasound machine, just keep trying every two days with your handheld doppler, it will happen. Make sure you go very low, just above the pubic symphysis, most people go too high and that is why they cannot get it.

  2. wow that ultrasound machine would be very tempting to buy and I can’t believe your 10 weeks already!! I didn’t get anything on the doppler until about 13 weeks last time, it was actually higher than I thought it would be, rather than lower. Hoping it happens soon 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such very kind comments on my blog (and giving me the push I needed). Wow! I guess you can find just about anything on Ebay! What does shipping cost for something like that I wonder? Hang in there and I hope you hear that joyful sound soon.

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