In the land of Dr. K

This mornings appointment went WAY different than I thought it would.

I arrived at 8:00am as instructed and waited…then waited…and waited.

By 9:00 I was brought into the ultrasound room by a Fellow who would be working with Dr. K. She introduced me to another fellow who was going over my recent charts that had been sent over by the fertility clinic. Suffice to say, it was nice and cozy in the ultrasound room. The first Fellow, a woman, explained they had gone over my charts and knew that Xavier had died and why I was now considered a high risk patient.

She gave me her gender guess, conferred with the other Fellow and he agreed. I won’t share here just yet what Mr. Bean is, because she wasn’t 100%, but it made me very emotional. It just makes this pregnancy that much more real.

Dr. K has made three plans for this pregnancy:

Plan 1: Things go down hill as they did with Xavier and I will be monitored by admission to the hospital and delivered at 36 weeks by c-section.

Plan 2: Things remain fine, but the cervix is not favourable to kick start labour by breaking my water, I will have a RCS (repeat c-section) on September 12 at 9:00am. The surgery is already booked.

Plan 3: The pregnancy is fine and everything is a-ok. I will have a cervical check at 36 & 37 weeks and if it is favourable, they will break my water and I will proceed with a VBAC. (!!!!)

An alternate to ALL of these plans is an amnio on September 4th and if the fluid shows lung maturation, then they will proceed with the c-section on September 5th. This, however is the worst case scenario and I am hoping to avoid it.

Dr.K seemed genuinely pleased to see me, and he kept saying really positive upbeat things about how he is sure we will bring this baby home. I am happy to have him as my OB and I am feeling much more positive about the outcome.

I go back in four weeks and will have some additional blood work, another ultrasound, with a confirmation of gender, which I found out is needed because girls and boys as preemies are dealt with differently. For example, he explained, if there were detected problems they would deliver a female baby at 35 weeks, knowing she would make a better recovery than a male baby. So much for the stronger sex right?

I feel slightly overwhelmed today, and blessed to have found this OB. Oh yes…not a WORD was said about the 20 lbs I didn’t lose :p



4 thoughts on “In the land of Dr. K

  1. I’m so glad it went so well and I can’t wait to find out what Mr. Bean is! The nest ultrasound can’t come soon enough 🙂 I love that they are so thorough there, have a plan for the various possible circumstances and even have a c-section booked already.

    I’ve heard before that male fetuses are weaker than female ones and more males are stillborn than females. So interesting to know that about a girl being able to be delivered a week before a boy.

  2. Okay, I’m changing my guess to girl…
    I remember hearing that factoid about girl babies doing better than boy babies and being surprised… It’s really a miracle to me anytime I hear about a healthy baby being born, let alone a healthy baby boy… Despite ALL odds. bah.

  3. I’m glad you had a more positive experience with Dr. K. He really is a very kind man, and I found him much more helpful and proactive than my OB. I remember when I was discussing being hospitalized with him, he said that one woman actually admitted herself to the Prenatal unit at something like 24 weeks gestation even though there were no complications with her current pregnancy, but she had a previous loss. She just (voluntarily) hung out at the hospital for something like 3 months!!! until her baby was ready to be born. I’m assuming she lived in a remote location and couldn’t go for daily or weekly NSTs, so she just felt safer hanging out with the nurses at the hospital. Knowing how much I hated the hospital I couldn’t imagine staying there if I didn’t have to…but I guess you gotta do what makes you feel the safest.

    Glad to hear they have a plan in place for your C-section/VBAC/Amnio. That must make you feel better to know you’ll be followed so closely. Did Dr. K. talk about checking the placenta at any point? I had a placental ultrasound with Kaia at 16 weeks and it definitely foreshadowed what was to come. It already looked like the Breus mole was developing a week before my water broke. Dr. K. said that he was trying to get more women booked for early placental screening who had previous issues in order to see if at an early gestation you can tell anything about the placenta that would impact the fetus later on.

    He’s definitely right about the male vs. female thing too. It’s even worse if it’s a WHITE male. We use to call them ‘whimpy white boys’ in the NICU because their lungs just took so much LONGER to stabilize and mature. The best were the little black baby girls. Those little ones were off the ventilator and breathing on their own way before you even thought possible. It was pretty remarkable.

    I’m really hoping good things for you! I’m guessing girl too!

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