It’s a…..

16w 6d

Today’s appointment at Dr.K’s was interesting to say the least. I asked D to come and we brought the two boys because I get an ultrasound with each visit and I thought they might like to see the baby.

I didn’t use the doppler before I left to alleviate my ultrasound anxiety so I was really nervous. She put the wand on my belly and I immediately saw movement (phew!), then in my nerves I blurted out to her “Penis or vagina…if you see anything recognizable don’t hesitate to call it out”

She looked at me with her eyebrow raised and told me it was sort of early to tell. She continued looking around and then I SAW IT! I saw what Borat would describe as the Vageen…yep, it’s a GIRLBelieve me when I tell you no one was more surprised than me. I honestly couldn’t fathom my husband creating a little girl after three boys.

Some other interesting things were discussed with Dr. K. I was asked to bring the placenta pathology from Xavier, the Maternal and Perinatal death review and a few other reports that he had asked me to bring. We went over the last week I was pregnant with Xavier including what my OB had told me just four short days before he was born. Dr. K looked at my DH and I and told us she was negligent and that I received sub-standard care. What validation to be given after a year and a half of doubt and of blaming myself.

I am beginning appointments every two weeks beginning my next appointment. Dr. K is concerned about a few things, not that I have anything for him to be concerned about, but more that he wants to make sure if there is anything he can nip it in the bud. He is making a point to do the ultrasound at my next appointment himself. He is interested in looking at my placenta himself rather than in stills in my file after the fact.

The problem with him wanting to see me more frequently is that it freaks me out. FREAKS.ME.OUT. If everything was OK and “normal” why would he want to see me more frequently. I believe he telling me the truth, that there is nothing wrong…but it still makes me wonder. He was clear about the fact that I have incredible blood flow to the placenta and he seemed pretty impressed with that (so proud of my placenta) and that he is hopeful that it will continue to remain in that way.

So that’s that…placenta is good, blood flow good and PINK instead of the blue I was so sure of….



7 thoughts on “It’s a…..

  1. My jaw literally dropped!!!!!!!!!

    I thought for sure boy!!! Wow! Congrats momma. 🙂

    I’m so pleased you got the validation you deserve as to your prior physician’s level of care prior to Xavier’s arrival. To be blatantly told the other doc was negligent- wow.

    Of course at the same time it’s infuriating, but wow.

    Yay for a little lady. No doubt Xavier hand picked he for you! 🙂

  2. I suspected a girl so I’m pleased I’m right!

    I’m also gratified that Dr. K. finally admitted that you received poor care with Xavier. I remember when I first read your lead up to Xavier’s birth story and thinking your symptoms in those last few weeks sounded fishy, and felt horrible on your behalf that your OB didn’t jump on it. It must have been a very conflicting emotional thing to hear. On the one hand sweet validation and on the other probably rage and grief that more wasn’t done to save him in time.

    I don’t know if you ever looked at it, but Dr. K’s placenta clinic has a website which describes in fairly good detail what he is going to be looking for over the next little while in terms of your placenta. A direct line off this site is “the ideal window for the placental morphology ultrasound is 19-22 weeks” which is getting pretty close to where you are now. Since this will be the ideal window to hopefully begin to pick up any possible changes in your baby girl’s placenta, it’s great that he wants to keep a close eye on it. In my experience Dr. K. is a pretty positive guy, but he doesn’t bullshit you, especially knowing you’ve had a loss and are likely going to be hyper vigilant. He’ll let you know if it’s time to be concerned.

    Check out the website here:

    I’m hoping things are smooth sailing for you here on out! Congratulations on your baby girl!

  3. Oh, wow, congratulations! It’s great that your doctor is providing such great care. The validation you received about Xavier is priceless.


  4. that is fantastic news on your little girl. And I know what validation must have meant to you! It’s good they are being proactive now. Hoping for a nice boring pregnancy.

  5. Congratulations! I’m so excited that we are both having girls! We will have to have playdates for sure!

    I’m so glad that Dr. K is keeping such a close eye on you to be on the safe side. I understand why it is scary too, but at least you know that you are being seen at the best place and with one of the best OB’s. I’m also glad that he said that your OB with Xavier was negligent. It’s nice to finally have that confirmation from someone in the medical profession (it’s nice that they will say that about another doctor rather than covering for each other). And I always knew that you weren’t to blame, but I know it’s hard to believe it yourself. So frustrating too though, to know that he could have been saved if only your previous OB had been better. It sucks and it’s so unfair.

    But I want to end this on a positive note. Your little girl! I can’t wait to see pictures of her and learn all about her!

  6. Thank you for sharing such good news. I am so glad that Dr. K is taking such good care of you. I know the extra appointments freak you out but it will give you and dr. K more times to see/check on her (I am just trying to find a bright side for you). My thoughts are with you, all of your boys and your little girl. Take care.

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