Exactly half way

18w 6d

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. K for a placental screening, our regular ultrasound and I also received the results of our IPS screening.

I’ll start with the ultrasound before Dr. K came in to have a look at my placenta. The tech was fabulous, she must have dealt with baby loss because the second she put the wand on my belly she said see there is the heart beating (woohoo!).  She too had a look at my placenta as she was looking around I told her I had been told twice now that the baby was a girl. I need to pause here and say how wonderful it is to be able to talk with your ultrasound tech, ask questions and just generally have a conversation about what we are looking at up on the screen. Back to the scan…after I told her about the gender guess two weeks ago she said “Well let’s have a look!” and immediately she says “Oh yes it is! That’s a girl!”

Of course I am at this appointment by myself and would have NO evidence of what I was just told and my darling DH is POS.IT.IVE it is a boy so I needed something to prove him wrong, I quickly remembered about the $5 ultrasound pictures you can buy (grrr…this is somewhat ridiculous, but I guess for the amount of patients and ultrasounds they do daily, and the cost of the special paper…it must get expensive) and voila:

I made sure she wrote the sex down on the picture so we weren’t sitting debating what we were looking at. How embarrassing for my daughter that I just exposed her goodies on the interwebs, but whatever….I am an open book, that blogs anonymously (at least I think I do) so nothing to really worry about right??

We discussed baby’s movement (or the lack thereof) and I explained the concerns I wrote about in my previous post and she told me not to worry about it right now, that she could see the baby was moving around appropriately. This made me feel better right up until she told me that the baby’s head was measuring 18w3d but the abdomen measured 19w0d. Apparently this is normal and the abdomen measurement makes up for the biparietal diameter (head circumference) being behind a bit. We had a bit of a laugh when I explained my first son’s head was so massive that at aged two he started wearing adult sized caps and my second son had such a wee tiny head that my sister dubbed it the softball so genetically it could go either way…lol

I was then asked to wait in the ultrasound room until Dr. K came in so he could assess my placenta himself. He finaaallly (after an hour) came in with a medical student and he was wearing scrubs so I guess he had a delivery and sat down to have a peek himself. (As a another side note, he was wearing some pretty jazzy socks that looked like stained glass windows!)

He remeasured everything himself and got a femur length because of the discrepancy in head circumference. He actually disagreed with the tech and said that by his measurements, everything was spot on at 19w0d. Having explained this to my DH, his response was to then say “And you want me to believe her gender determination???”. So I think he might be back on the boy train…sheesh.

I think today’s appointment went really well. The only thing that concerned me even though he said it was “normal”, was that my uterus had a contraction while the tech was doing the ultrasound and you could see it in the still. I wish I had asked more questions about that but I was put off by what he told me.

So onto the IPS results (sorry this is so damn long…but LauraJane is on mat leave laying around the house and Leslie is literally laying on her left side and they both need reading material) I also did the maternal serum screen and ALL came back NORMAL!

I wanted to know what the actual odds were and told him my concerns because I was turning 36 in (HOLY SHIT) 10 days!!!!! Dr.K said nope…I was actually 15…whaa??? I have a 1:8430 chance of down syndrome which gives me a biological age of a 15 year old. THIS is hilarious! I am not entirely sure why the results came back like that, I have had IPS screening done three times before and that is the first time I have ever seen results like that.

So now to one of my milestones. Tomorrow I will be HALFWAY exactly!!! I am scheduled to have this baby September 12, 2012 by repeat c-section. This translates to 10.12.12. Xavier was born 10.10.10 and died on 10.12.10. I feel like this is a sign that he truly did send us this baby and he wanted us to know it.  We really had to let this date roll around with us for a while, we weren’t sure how we would like any of Xavier’s “days” taken by a new baby, by this baby…by their sister. We decided it is what it is and screwing with anything at this point is like screwing with what should be.

I leave you with my first bump picture (at 18 weeks), please be kind lol!

18 Weeks


6 thoughts on “Exactly half way

  1. Yay! So happy for such a great appointment and such great results. And I’ve been hoping for a belly picture! You have such a cute belly! I’m so glad that the ultrasound techs there can and will talk about things during the scan. I got so spoiled with that at TCART and of course don’t have that anymore.

    I’ve never been told what “age” I am on the IPS results either, just what the odds came back as. It gives me chills that the dates for Xavier and baby girl have the same numbers. Sure seems like he is involved in this little girls life!

  2. Great news! I’m happy you’re happy! Kaia had many (many!) ultrasounds and her head/belly/femer were never EXACTLY the same in terms of measurements. Her belly was usually on track, her head was a little smaller and her femer was sometimes on track or a bit bigger. I would obsess (OBSESS!!!!) over these measurements everytime we got them, so I know the urge to go crazy over them. In the end, I figured it would honestly be a bit weird if each measurement pegged her at exactly the same gestational age. A little too ‘perfect’. Biology isn’t ‘exact’ that way…as you said, one son’s head was bigger, the other was smaller..it’s just what makes us all unique and speecial.

    I hope you’re doing okay after reading Becky’s news. I’m not pregnant and it made me very upset to the point I had trouble sleeping, so I can only imagine what it could do to you mentally hearing that while also pregnant. I wish I could make it okay for her…but we all know nothing will ever make it okay ever again. It sucks beyond the telling of it.

    • I didn’t sleep either after finding out about the loss of Becky’s daughter. I literally tossed and turned…how could it be right??

      I still can’t turn those thoughts off…

  3. You look beautiful mammma.. and I soooo love having more to read! I’m so glad your screenings are going well… and your husband cracks me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

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