So after a chest x-ray, an EKG and some blood work to rule out pre-e it was determined it was a muscle/skeletal issue.  I was given some Tylenol and a script for anti-inflammatories.

I had nurse Hatchet last night and hope I NEVER have the displeasure of seeing her again.

I should have known I was in for a nightmare when I heard N. Hatchet ask N. Redstreaks (she had red streaks in her hair) if she was happy about coming back to L&D triage. N. Redstreaks said how HAPPY she was to be back, that she loved it!!! N. Hatchet remarked how much she absolutely HATED it…she then came into my room to take my history 😦 yay me…

When she came to take my blood I was nervous because she was having a hard time just trying to figure out where to stand while trying to jab me…and jab me she did, it was the most painful blood draw I have EVER experienced. I ground my teeth and every time she changed tubes (five times) if felt like the needle might go right into my elbow.

Then when the porter came to take me for my x-ray, he brought a gurney, to which Nurse Hatchet exclaimed “She doesn’t need that, let her walk!”. Errm…nurse, do you remember I can’t breathe? Talking puts me out of breath never mind walking…my husband encouraged me to try…after 3 or 4 stops having to break to catch my breath on our way to imaging, he told me on the way back, no matter what I was going by wheelchair.

Thankfully I met a wonderful resident who made up for everything that N. Hatchet lacked. She even gave me a message…and boy oh boy at 1:00 am, it felt mighty good!

Having the anti-inflammatory meds has removed the radiating pain and allowed me to feel the localized acute pain that remains in the ribs on my left side. I’ll be calling my Chiropractor tomorrow morning and hopefully he can help me as well.

So that’s it for now. I have to say though, they were delivering babies hand over fist last night, and I thought I was “over” feeling weird and sad about babies crying, but I guess not. I guess I can talk myself into anything I want, but how I truly feel surfaces at times when there is nowhere to hide, no emotional crutches to hold me up. I want to hear my baby cry, I need Scarlett to come home with us. It’s as simple as that.

She is currently kicking me and dancing around in my belly. I LOVE that.


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