Water water everywhere

I had my gestational diabetes test this morning and then my regular follow up with my OB and nurse.  On one of my due date boards a mama has just been told her girl is now a boy, so I asked my nurse to just have a quick look and re-confirm that she is still a she. Katie told me that her legs were WIDE open and she was still indeed a girl.

Scarlett is growing right on track. At 27w2d she measured in at (approximately) 2lbs 11oz, our little chubster is packing on the weight! I am half expecting the clinic to call me back and let me know I do indeed have gestational diabetes. My fluid levels remain high in the 97th percentile @ 21.84 (a sign of GD)…not good.

If anyone has any insight in the high fluid levels I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this.

In other news, she is head down, and cute as a button!

I am trying to pluck up the courage to ask Dr. K for him to move my c-section to 37 weeks. When we decided to try again, the one thing I said was that I would fight hard to have the baby delivered at 37 weeks because I didn’t want to go past the 37+4 that Xavier was born at. I asked Katie what she thought Dr. K would think, her first comment was they didn’t really consider 37 weeks full term (weird right?), but that the Tuesday clinic is for women who have experienced the death of their baby, so she understood that the dates would bring me a great deal of anxiety. She has encouraged me to ask Dr. K. Unfortunately I had to leave before I was able to see him because by 9:15 (I had an 8:30 appointment), he still wasn’t there and there were two patients ahead of me and I had to get back to work.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks on July 13th, but that is with another doctor because Dr. K is on holidays, so I have a whole month to come up with my “argument” for a c-section at 37 weeks.

This weekend is Canada Day, which means there will be fireworks, and since the day he died, fireworks have belonged to him. They are big and bright and loud and amazing…everything he was, and everything he can never be.

Have a great long weekend.


2 thoughts on “Water water everywhere

  1. Hey girl- Yes I do know about high fluid levels. It is called polyhydramnios. At 21.84 you are definitely high. From my understanding cord prolapse and placental abruption are a big risk with this condition- even in the absence of GD. My friend had PH with her DS- she was delivered early and monitored WEEKLY- which is very important in cases like this. Be aware that if you google it there is a lot of scary stuff. My friend”s son was born healthy…. xo

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