32w 3d admitted to hospital

Well, it’s three in the morning, and I have been here since 5:30 pm or so.

Some time after I woke up yesterday I noticed I was having some painful braxton hicks. As the day wore on, I noticed they were coming on in frequency and intensity. At 2:00pm I called L&D, they said wait an hour and then call back. When I called back two hours later, the triage nurse asked me what I wanted to do, and I told her I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to come in. She then said she was taking the decision out of my hands and that she wanted me to come in. So my beloved and I quickly made arrangements for my Mom and sister to come to the boys and off we went.

On the car ride over, what started as 20 minutes a part turned into 5 minutes apart and in triage at Mt. Sinai the contactions began coming every 2-3 minutes apart.

In triage we found her easy enough, but the contractions were quite concerning. They then did an internal cervical check and I am dilated 3cm.
I was admitted at 7:00pm and so far am on my second bag of mag. sulf., my first of four steroid shots, a bolus (for fluids) and some pills to stop contractions.

I am scared. I know a 32 weeker has high odds of survival, but this wasn’t in the plan…and I thought I had paid my bull shit dues already…for right now the contractions has stopped, but the nurse warned that it may just be a side effwct of the morphine and mag…so we’ll see in the morning.

I’ll keep you all posted


4 thoughts on “32w 3d admitted to hospital

  1. Oh darn! I hope the contractions have stopped for good. I know she has an excellent chance if she comes right now but it sure would be nice if she would hang out inside for a few more weeks. I’ve heard that the mag is pretty awful for the mom to get, just very unpleasant. I hope you don’t need anymore. I’ll be watching for updates!

  2. Oh mamma.. I am thinking of you and sending sooo much love and light.
    Prognosis is very strong at 32 weeks – there are always risks of course, but you are doing everything you can to help her. (Put it this way- the peri would have done a HUGE happy dance if we had made it to 32 weeks!)
    The mag will help with her neuroprotection and the steroids for her lungs. The NICU is going to be an experience (to say the least) but just as every parent before you, I know you will learn to navigate it like a pro. You know where to reach me if there is anything I can help you with.
    Huge hugs…
    Oh and PS- I must repeat my mantra… mag is a bitch!!!! (But we love her for what she does!!!!)

  3. Kaia was a 32 weeker (and a fairly ‘unhealthy’ one since she ended up needing a lot of support right away due to the pPROM), but generally 32 weekers do well. If she does make an appearance in the next few days you are probably looking at a few weeks in the NICU, but hopefully no more than that. 32 weekers are generally considered ‘feeders and growers’ and just need more time to fatten up and learn how to coordinate breathing and eating before coming home. That being said, I hope instead you get to hang out having some awful nasty drugs and fluids and watch crap TV and read trashy magazines while she stays put. I’m sorry you’re having such a scare though.

    Ohhh and did you get a room on Mt. Sinai’s new maternity unit? If I (ever!!! ha!!!) decided to go through that whole pregnancy thing again, it would be nice to know if I ended up on hospital bed rest again that I’d get a much nicer room! Hope you have a view from way up there!

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