32w 4d day two

This morning saw the end of the contractions…thankfully! I had my second steroid shot this morning at 7:00am and have been transferred to the antenatal department. Emily asked if I was in the new section at Mount Sinai, and unfortunately I saw a poster that declares it to be open sometime in 2013, so sadly no. I am in the very old area of Mount Sinai. With a room mate who speaks very loudly to her significant other about EVERYTHING!

I am hoping to be out of here tomorrow after my last shot. I have had no more contractions, and barring any movement after my cervical check, I am hoping to be released. I don’t know…this whole experience has been surreal. Preterm labour, no preterm labour, magnesium sulfate, massive sweats and hot flashes from the mag only to be told by Dr. R.W (Dr. K’s partner at the clinic) that my body probably stopped the labour by it self, and all the meds they had given me were really to protect Scarlet rather then stop the contractions…I should have just stayed home…and at almost 33 weeks, if this happens again, I will.

This evening Sunday dinner was some sort of Salisbury patty with gravy, some diced turnips and an ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes. Personally I would have been happier with a tuna salad sandwich and a bowl of soup…Dr. W wasn’t even sure I would be leaving tomorrow and the thought of more of this food is frightening. My beloved was on his side. I am not too sure what the big deal is, last night they were more than happy to let me VBAC when they weren’t sure they could stop labour…so I am not sure why they would want to keep me now…seems silly.

It is very hot in this room and the left over mag side effects are compounding this. Everyone is assuring me that Scarlet is fine, I am fine…so after the last steroid shot? Let me go home and be fine…

I kind of feel like all of this has been a waste of time and energy and that maybe I wasted everyone’s time even though they kept telling me that I did the right thing.

While on the topic of fine, I would love for you all to say a quick prayer for one of my good BLM friend Nikki whose rainbow baby was born last week and needed to be vented. He is doing better now, but any sort of good thought or prayer his wee way would help I am sure. Love you Nikki and as always you and your boys (all of them) are in my thoughts and prayers.


2 thoughts on “32w 4d day two

  1. Oh God, I remember those dinners. They are AWFUL! Upon discharge they give you a form to fill out about your stay and I actually complained about the food. Good to know nothing was done about it… Hope you’re home to good food soon!

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