Home at last

I waited and waited and waited for the doctor to do rounds so that I could get the OK to go home.

I had a cervical check (oh what fun!!) and the fellow on call said that my cervix hadn’t changed (still 3cm) and I could go home!! WOO HOO. I literally had everything packed and ready to go in under 5 minutes and was waiting patiently on the edge of my bed for my discharge papers.

One thing he did warn me of though, he felt that if I did go in to labour, that it would be quick and to please get to the hospital quickly.

SEE YA 7 SOUTH…you were terrible and I hope to never go back…EVER.

I am so excited for a proper shower and my bed tonight, I might even go to bed early 🙂



5 thoughts on “Home at last

    • Honestly, my biggest scare was the NICU stay. I wasn’t sure how we would be able to do it with the two boys at home. I was certain at this stage of the game if she came she would be fine (read:ALIVE). I was worried about stupid things like being able to establish breast feeding after being bottle fed in the NICU. How we would deal with transportation issues to and from the hospital, buying clothes that would fit her in the beginning…etc…etc…

      I was not put on bed rest…at this point they aren’t to concerned about her coming early. My nurse said don’t run a marathon (pfft..ya right), but don’t not get up and move around.

      It’s really great to be home 🙂

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