Thanks to a recent comment, it reminded me to update this page.

Scarlet is doing well, no large problems. Her bilirubin levels were high this morning so she is now on phototherapy. I was discharged yesterday evening, so when I came in this morning, I was a little saddened by her step backwards. Her IV site was changed, she’s lost 13g and she looks absolutely beautiful and it kills me I can’t pick her up.

Yesterday we had two great nursing sessions on the breast and I was hoping for more of that today. Right before I left the hospital last night she nursed for 25 minutes. Suck, swallow, breathe!!! It was amazing…they even cancelled her gravage feed because she did so well!!!

At lunch today, we actually weighed her before I nursed and she drank 18 c.c.’s of a 23 c.c. feed! If I had kept her on a bit longer (my nipple was hurting) she would have met her feed! She is still in an incubator and now the phototherapy lights, so I am unable to nurse her at every feed. I am terribly impatient (and apparently so is she), so I just want to jump over to next week when they said we can take her home at 35 weeks gestational age (hopefully).

So that’s it right now. My next week and a half will be spent here, we are lucky. I know. Another placental abruption, but this time it didn’t yield the same results as Xavier, and for that…I will always be grateful and wonder if maybe, just maybe he had us in his hands that day.


3 thoughts on “Phototherapy

  1. Some babies are pretty sleepy when they have high bili levels and aren’t interested in nursing, but if Scarlet is up for it you could ask if they have a bili blanket available. If you’ve never seen one, it’s basically a flat mat that emits the same blue light as the overhead version but it’s somewhat pliable so you can keep it against her back and hold her while she is still getting the phototherapy and she can nurse. On the other hand, if her bili isn’t THAT high, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to take her out at least once or twice a day for nursing sessions. One or two 20-30 minute sessions won’t make or break her levels. It never hurts to ask, and if one nurse says no…just ask the nurse on the next shift 😉

  2. oops, look like I missed some stuff! congrats, she’s beautiful, really beautiful. And there’s no reason you can’t hold her, even when my son was on the lights and CPAP, we were allowed to hold him for short periods of time. Thinking of you xxx

  3. What a sweet little pumpkin! Good to hear from you, Mama! Glad she’s eating well, and hope the time between now and going home flies by! ❤

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