The first two weeks

The first two weeks have been amazing, frustrating, everything I wanted but nothing I expected. She is here, and alive…ALIVE!! Someday I’ll get over that fact, and won’t be so awestruck by it.

Scarlet continues to make progress in coming home. In order for the hospital to discharge her, she needs to be on all oral feeds (no nasal gavage) for 48 hours and be gaining at least 20g per day. So far, she is consistently gaining weight. Today she posted a 57g weight gain and has finally surpassed her birth weight! As far as oral feeds, she has been all oral for the last 14 hours. I have everything crossed that she can continue in this way and we can go home on Sunday.

I am tired of being at the hospital. I have been doing fourteen hours a day here, and it is kicking my ass.

I wrote that on Friday. Today is Tuesday, and I did indeed have my ass kicked. Sunday, the eve of what was supposed to be Scarlet’s release date, I came down very quickly with a case of mastitis. By the time I left the clinic next to the hospital, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I was dizzy and had the worst shivers. I couldn’t go back to the hospital, and so I called D for a pick up and headed home with a prescription. My husband took my temperature when we got in, and it had soared to 103.5…there was no way I’d be able to go back to Scarlet until the next day. I slept the rest of the day away and woke up to pump at 6:00am as usual. I was antsy about leaving the house. I felt like I had abandoned her, and there was still so much uncertainty about whether or not the doctor would release her.

When we arrived, there she was in her cot as usual, and the nurse had our discharge papers!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I should have said good bye properly, but really, I just wanted to get out that door with my girl. After 19 days, we left. I took my baby home. I have done nothing but hold, cuddle, kiss, change and feed this beautiful girl.

We made it home, with our child. I tear up just thinking about it. We made it…


4 thoughts on “The first two weeks

  1. Yay, Mama! What an amazing milestone! I’m sorry to hear about the mastitis; you’re the second new rainbow mommy in the last two weeks who has written about it. Yuck!

    Congratulations on having your beautiful baby girl home with you!

  2. 14 hours a day in the NICU? Wow…that’s longer than a nurse’s shift, no wonder you’re so tired! Congrats on bringing her home and hope your boobies are feeling better!

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