Birth Announcement

We had Scarlet’s birth announcements made up….I love them!

She continues to do well….I continue to fret over her and if she is gaining enough weight, eating enough and other silly thoughts that I can only attribute to more PTSD from Xavier’s birth/death, her birth and subsequent hospital stay. I’m trying to get it all out via a blog post. I always feel better when I get it off my chest, but for now…look at that face…and those CHEEKS!!!!! Sometimes I can’ stop looking at her…we are all so in love!

She is such a good baby, even though she had been suffering with some major gas pains. I managed to alleviate it with some gripe water, which by the way smells like pickle juice! YUM YUM!


3 thoughts on “Birth Announcement

  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful little face…those cheeks make me smile. I hope the pickle juice-smelling elixer keeps working!

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