Two posts one night…crazy

I wanted to also ask everyone for your opinions on this one:

M is crying in bed two nights ago, Xavier is on his mind. He tells me how much he misses him and how he feels like Xavier and him were supposed to be something special together, he was supposed to be his best friend, that he is missing him so much because they were supposed to be together. HOW DO I ANSWER THIS?? How do I help him?? We are going to have to take him to see someone right? He needs to talk to someone about all that he is feeling, someone who can help him handle his very apparent grief.  The way he talks about Xavier is like he lost his twin…I was/am baffled….maybe PTSD? Your thoughts please…


3 thoughts on “Two posts one night…crazy

  1. I just saw this post, so it probably is a bit late for my input, but I would tell him that it is ok to miss him, of course he would have been his brother and friend and partner, and that it is a great loss, and of course we have to cry about it. So we cry for a while and then we feel better. Be strong so that he can feel safe in showing you his grief. If he can face and experience his grief, then he can live a full life without repressed feelings.

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